KMK Pack - Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

As part of Key Holding Group, which has many investments with more than 1500 employees, we believe that our most important asset is our employees.

Our basic principle is to maintain our culture built on "Performance", "Caring" and "Honesty" in every aspect of our lives with our day-to-day actions and perspective.

Based on these values:
We raise our employees' awareness of occupational health and safety and environmental protection issues.
We create a management approach based on respect for people, free from discrimination and we apply ethical values.
We establish systems that ensure effective communication and demonstrate a transparent and open management approach to employees.
We renounce child and youth labor, discrimination and forced labor.
We allow our employees to participate in union activities of their choice without any discrimination.
We value the professional and personal development of our employees and create an environment for their professional development.
We aim to create a sustainable organizational structure with effective and efficient skills management and career support plan.
We strive to meet our needs for qualified workers primarily from within our own company.
We provide our employees with appropriate systems and environments to promote continuous improvement with a sense of responsibility.
We encourage entrepreneurship and initiative through employee recognition and reward systems.
We monitor and evaluate how the dynamism and high performance of our employees impact business results.
We ensure sustainable motivation of our employees.