KMK Pack - Online/E-Commerce Packaging



With our retail solutions, twisted handle bags and e-commerce envelopes, we're here to help you with your packaging needs that fit into your brand image.

E-Commerce Envelopes
Paper e-commerce envelopes reflect your brand's character and eco-friendly solutions for your customers. The products reflect your brand's identity and give your company high visibility. We can manufacture the products with our eco-friendly 100% recycled paper product, and also offer you a variety of other alternatives.
KMK Pack - Retail
Usable Papers Re-cycle Kraft, Virgin Brown Kraft, White Kraft
Processable Paper Grammage 60 g/m2-150 g/m2
Printing Flexo printing with up to 8 colors
Width 180 mm – 460 mm
Bellows 60 mm – 250 mm
Length 200 mm – 770 mm
Return shipping alternative Yes
You can choose from 50 pcs, 200 pcs, 250 pcs, 450 pcs, 500 pcs and other packaging options and also customize the color of the handle of your products.